Recycling with Retriever

Go Green with Retriever!


Here at Retriever, we believe every Resident should have the chance to recycle and help keep their community clean and green.  

  • Residents no longer have to worry about sorting through their recycling or only being able to recycle paper and glass. 
  • Retriever has a list of recyclables that are accepted.  Residents can find this list on the Retriever sticker on top of their issued container.
  • Move in boxes and large item removals must be scheduled through  the leasing office and scheduled pickup date will be made. 
  •  Please contact Retriever if you have any questions or concerns! 

How to Prepare your Recycling

  1. See to the top of your issued Retriever container for a list of all recyclable materials taken by Retriever.
  2. On your properties scheduled pickup day, the resident places the recyclables in their blue recycling bag provided by Retriever.  Please make sure all bags are securely tied.  
  3. Boxes must be broken down completely flat and set behind your issued container
  4. The porter on-sight will replace any blue bags that are taken off property. 
  5. Please place your issued container back inside your unit by 9am the following morning. 
  6. Thank you for recycling with Retriever!
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retriever valet trash service logo


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